Thursday, June 4, 2009

my van doesn't run

well alright the first full day that the hood canal bridge is back open, Hot Mike sends me some nice photos from last year of my van, look how lonely, it sits in the baseball diamond parking lot, first beach La Push, which is now all gone-replaced with- RV camping and covered fire pit/BBQ

this is as far north as you can camp, with out being in Realto, nice dueling vans, pimped out city van vs. utilitarian camper the weather hasn't been bad enough for Hot Mike and I to build a space station, that's when two van park slider to slider and tarp off the divide to protect yourselves from the endless rains

Toby and I and Mee-mee and baby Forest, look how warm and sunny it is for a surf, love the log jam, love the life, gotta test drive the van again tomorrow. the new brain, isn't right, My guru mechanic wont call me back and the bridge is open, i can go to the beach.
i love my van, even if it has stalled a million times this week and will never replicate it's failure so i can fix it- freaking morning sickness. anyway- summer is here

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