Monday, June 29, 2009

how to - be crazy

The famous El Mutante sent me these photos from his vast archive of crazy- apparently crazy people don't just end up living in vans through desperation or drug abusive- they plan it and buy books, about living in vans, what's next a how to- destroy your liver- how to- tweak from the front seat-
this fold away bed can also be used for- CRAZY

speechless !

Amazed !

minibago - $1500 (friday harbor)
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]Date: 2009-06-26, 10:10AM PDT
Posting this once more. Had numerous calls but no real follow Here is an obscure VW powered camper called a Minibago. It has a duel carbed 1600 in it, that runs ok. This thing is pretty cool all the way around but does need a restoration. Solid candidate for that...Not much rust to speak of, some mostly surface. Pan solid. This thing is not really drivable as it is and would need to be towed or hauled from Friday harbor. I have more pix if interested. This needs to find a home to settle an estate. This vehicle was a kit you could buy in the 70's., and there simply arent many of them around. Great for advertisment, or small family camping or just parking it on your front lawn and marveling at its excellence!...anyway...there ya go...1500$ OBO
Location: friday harbor
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Vanderpooch over at the Samba posted this link and man my head hurts just looking at this thing-

holy crap- pulling into a gas station would be like a circus- all the kids and nuts of the whole world would come running- wow- this is wonderful
i need a whole lotta land and money to park vehicles on- this freaking life is a museum

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