Tuesday, June 23, 2009

vehicles at la push

Toby and Suzane roll up from santa cruz in this honey of a low profile toyota, and get la push at it's absolute greatest for weeks on end, camped in the log jam- living the good life- tarp-tent-late night fire- dawn coffee brewing-friends dropping by-hot dog sticks- and sunshine-stir fry and tea
love it- just don't know if i could fit, on the bunk bed-i'm way to long,

check out how efficient they pack this thing- jesus- they can live indefinitely out here- solar shower- i love the solar shower- if your planning on becoming a car bum- buy a toyota

Hot Mike and his lovely lady Emma crashed this pimped out Carat Vanagon in my face- to make me cry because i had to leave my brown baby home- they live on the green, not in the van

if you had to live in a vanagon- you couldn't even afford to be a bum-
nice profile- lowered, with large wheels, and no, he didn't add five antennae, to pick up celly signal- can you believe there is still no phone service out here

they're so cute- you should have seen them wrestling to get to the roof, Mike's van makes me want to buy a Carat- tint out the windows and drop a subie engine- ah- if only i had a job- some cash- or mechanical skill


  1. Do you know what wheels are on Mikes Carat by any chance?