Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mombasha ! that's my home town

Reply to: mailto:sale-vtcda-1223821892@craigslist.org?subject=1961%20Corvair%20panel%20van%20-%20%24450%20(Yonkers) [Errors when replying to ads?]Date: 2009-06-16, 2:34AM EDT
1961 Corvair fire-police truck used by the Mombasha fire department of Monroe New York. Panel van with added rear side windows. Six cylinder 80hp engine with manual 3spd transmission. Holes in roof from lights and sirens caused front door sills to rust away. Starts, runs, and stops, but no papers. Cell # 914.329.7586 Noon - 11PM.
Location: Yonkers
my roving reporter on the east coast and pit crew boss, El Mutante- sent me this listing, because i don't use Crazedlist to find vans-
this freaking van used to cruise up and down Cedar Cliff rd. where all of our high school friends lived and we all crashed our bikes and parents stolen cars-
very epic cool van- what a great show van that would make, at the parade, at Rhinebeck, even Hershy- no papers though, now if only i was made of money
and it still runs and stops for christs sake
someone should drive if right off of Cedar cliff and out into said- Mombasha lake-
on a side note the back road from there to Orange turnpike used to be called Hell- the road was covered with red house paint graffiti and junked out washers and dryers, hot water heaters and mysterious cars would lay up down that road, barely pulled off the hardscrabble, engines running-
i wish NY state let people keep the old plates- that car would look great with the old orange slabs

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