Sunday, June 14, 2009


Dashiell and I went to a meet up group, pow-wow today, down at the south end of lake union, on the good ship Virginia V, where the Talking Westies all drove down to talk and have a little pot-luck, i made a pie and Dash dropped his juice all down the stairs.

i had no idea we had so many Westies in town, so great to see 'em all in one spot

a nice very neat Subaru engine drop, very nice

this is the van i came to see, the sister van to mine, that's me parked with it's hidden shame of a pop-top closed, our two vans are exactly the same, both '85, both weekenders, same interior, crazy, he surf's Westport- we surf La Push

new pop-top canvas, now i really need the same, he did a really nice install, huh ? forest green.
sweet air cooled

so many vans
that's me on the left and my van's double on the right with pop popped
thanks everyone for having us and hosting a bunch of maniacs.

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