Tuesday, June 9, 2009

splitty and junkers

this little gem parked over on Marion, is just too cute for words,

don't cha just love the completely useless pop top, what ? do you stand there naked ?
this is my next van- no doubt.

little cutie huh ? and parked on the street, nice paint and man, what a Citroen

the people who live here liken themselves to Gaudi or the Watts tower guy, with the broken pottery wall and motorcycle art and hub caps. this place has been like this forever

garage roof top- pretty cool art and creativity

and the fleet of cars and truck that have been parked here on the street, in the same spot for decades

i can't believe there driven, i've never seen them out or away, and i wonder what possess people to horde vehicles that are not vehicles any longer, these relics can't be driven, they have no functional garage, why keep them ? why not sell them ? someone would fix them up or scrap them.

maybe these street pieces exist solely to remind us of all that we have lost, all the beauty and excesses our country has burned through
or maybe, simple to give me something to do, as i aimlessly hike these streets
with out this, this make believe city hasn't much to offer- sterile and dead mostly.

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