Friday, June 12, 2009

studebaker and comet

all the old family named and cumbersome car company names are dead this is a prime example, a very well preserved Studebaker, really quite beautiful, not huge like the cars from the late 50's and forties, there was a time right after the war, the big war, when all the car companies made these fairly medium sized beauties

nice grill, simple and still shinning

really a wonderful profile, looks like a daily driver, well maybe just a driver, but still, pretty good, love the teal color, pinstripe white walls and hubcaps, not to gaudy, yeap, too bad it's a fourdoor, someone would have chopped it and made a rat rod out of it by now

and talk about preserved, this fucking station wagon is perfect- the paint still looks new, original hubcaps, funny tin corrugated splash protector on rear panels, sweat color, a great family car, what is it a 63- 64, they made these cars in South America clear up to the eighties

just look how clean this peach is, man, now i want a falcon station wagon, i'll sleep in the back while your momma drives me to the beach, no a.c. no fm radio, no power nothing, the problem with automobile companies is that they stopped naming their vehicles after animals and birds, the army and navy never did, and they have plenty of money-
mine !

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