Wednesday, June 17, 2009

band van econoline

man, look at this van, if i had a band, i'd buy this behemoth, so burly and long, so hardcore, with double rocket boxes, how fucked is that, how much gear does a three piece homocore band need ? this beauty is just full to the window lines with crap- a busy working man or girl rolls this thing down the dry dusty streets, looking for work- shade
some kind of wonderful Mopar(chrysler-plymouth-dodge) a valiant ? what attracted me was the original 63' plates, how the heck is that for stock original and well preserved, look at the paint,the patina, the left hand hold spot on the trunk, so sick, i'm crying

buried in the garden, down off eastlake, so gorgeous i wish it was parked different so i could see the nose and grill- but all in all-WOW
on a brighter note, my Westy, the famous brown pelican, is running at peak performance, and i'd like to say i fixed it but, i don't even know what was wrong with it-
i re-did all the grounds, cleaned, dielectric paste and new connectors, new cap and rotor, spider grounded the whole engine, replaced the crankcase breather line, the old one on mine was all rotten and someone had stuck a smaller hose inside of it, neither of which worked, coincidental the Samba has had a huge discussion of this part and it's failure, starting at the vacuum tower, breather, can't recall the true names, and it's still open to debate as to whether this can be the cause of rough idle- so maybe i have fixed my problem after all- we shall see, found a spare brain, ecu, which my wife is knitting me a braincozy- for -Neilwaukee out.

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  1. Definitely 60s valiant. Mopar slant six, or 318. Beautiful car.